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Sunday, April 10, 2011
Jealous lha !

Salam You all . Sihat ? Sakit ? G klinik yeah !
 Okaay , now I wanna share to you all about my jealousy n envy . 
So on , You All knew Cik Arina kan ?
Yeahh . She is . I feel veryveryvery jealous of her .
You know why ? 
Because she's very COMEL
There's One of her photos that I Most LOikee !
Not just only Loike , But Love ! Yeaah I LOVE IT !
 I Adore That Pict :)
This is the pict that I'm Talking about .
Yeahh . This is the pict .
COMEL right ?
I feel that I'm not better enough that her .
I Thaught She's PERFECT !
My feeling now = Jealouss ahh !
Erghh . I wanna be like her .
Not to be her . 
And not to copypig her .
Just I want to be COMEL ! Can I ???
Now I show You another pict of her .
 yeahh ! Cik Arina , don't think I Hate You Okay ?
I just show them all Pict I Adore verymuchh !
 Now , whatta you all think about her ?
Cute haa ? COMEL right ?
Erghh . Me ? No lha .
I'm just simple mehh^^

p/s : Yeeehaa . Da puas speaking . Haha , saje praktikannya :) Chaww !

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