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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
i miss awak !

                                   kite rndu kat awk la . did u knew it hunn ?
                                              why must u make make my
                                                   heart been broken , huh ! ?
                                          but , however u make me heartbroken ,
                                                    I STILL MISS YOU
                                                       LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!
                                                     tak kan pulak kite nk text awk ?
                                                     nk call awk ?
                                            kan awk da warning kite jgn call or text awk .

                                         kite SAYANG awk !
                                           awk tahu tak ? ! ! !
                                     npe buad kite mcm nih ?
                                          what have i did to you ?
                                                  am i wrong ?

                                            tp why awk tak dtg skuwl ?
                                       awk yg buad kite saket aty ,
                                           but why awk yg tak dtg ?
                                       YES ! kite pna pk tanak dtg .
                                                    kite rindu awk !
                                            jd , kite DATANG !
                                               DEMI AWK !

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