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Friday, December 31, 2010
Good Bye 2010 Welcome 2011 :)

hey , you all . just a few hours we'll celebrate our new year 2011 ryte ? are you Happy ?

huh , i dont think so . bcz this year i'll feel very old *15 tahun jerk HAHA

and this year also my nervous year , cz PMR examination just around the corner even *Lama lagi HEHE

very scared bcz of *EXAM hunn . :(   i dont know lhaa how ur feel ryte ? *Betul ke nih ?

and now , the time to *Pasang Azam baru . *bukan azam IDK2 oke HAHA

                                                       AZZAM IDK2

Below my new *Azam-azam HAHA :-

you all know , what i can get for PMR's pwesent from my mum ?
i can get this :-

                                                              YAMAHA NOUVO

so , i should study ketatetat nih *Tetibe malay lak , HAHA


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